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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Surrey

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services in Surrey

Wisdom Tooth infection and pain is a common problem. It can be bad enough to cause difficulty eating, chewing, swallowing and even limits mouth opening.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in one’s mouth. They either fully erupt and can be seen outside the gums or partially erupted, which means some portion can be seen and some portion is still under the gums, or completely submerged under the gums. Wisdom teeth usually erupts around the age of 17 -21 years.

Smaller jaw cannot accommodate all the teeth. This results in impacted wisdom teeth; in simple language it means teeth could not fully erupt. Food and bacteria start getting stuck under the gum covering un-erupted portion of the tooth causing infection. The infection results in pain and swelling.

The treatment of choice in such cases is wisdom teeth extraction. Either all 4 wisdom teeth can be removed at the same appointment, or sometime Surrey patients prefer to get only one side done. If the patient does not want to be awake, sedation options are common for this surgery.

In an ideal world, your family dentist will be able to diagnose if wisdom teeth need removal even before they cause problems.

WHAT TO DO if your wisdom teeth start troubling you:

  • Make an appointment with the dentist.
  • At the visit, they will do certain x-rays and do an exam to diagnose the problem.
  • Panoramic x-rays and clinical exam are the best tools to confirm the diagnosis.
  • The dentist may decide to give you prescription for antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Salt-water rinses 3-4 times a day can be helpful.
  • On the treatment day, your jaw will be numbed and teeth will be removed.
  • Sutures may be placed on the tooth extraction site.
  • Medications may be prescribed.
  • Instructions will be given.

How much Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost in Surrey

The exam and x-ray for wisdom teeth usually cost $125-$150 approx.

Removal of all 4-wisdom tooth can cost approx. $1400-$1600.

Cost varies according to the difficulty level and the provider. Specialist’s fee is higher than the family dentist fee. CT scan, Sedation, bone graft, etc. may be needed in certain cases. There all services will add up to the basic fee.

What alternate options are available?

For anxious patients who want to be asleep; there is an option of sedation. One can be asleep while their treatment is done. This can be done only at a certified sedation facility.

Home care tips:

  • One can use pain killers for pain relief.
  • Salt-water rinses are helpful.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Eat soft food.
  • Do not place warm towels on the cheek.
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