Dental Implant Costs

The most frequent question is about dental implant cost in Surrey. This is a difficult question to answer. There are multiple factors involved in placing and restoring an implant.

It is a 2-step procedure split as:

  1. Surgical placement of implant.
  2. Placement of crown on the implant.
  • The implant placement costs approx. $2200 to $2500.
  • Then the healing phase of about 3-4 months.
  • The cost for crown is approx. $1500-$1800.
Why “approx.” and not a fixed price?

Every situation is different. The reason and the damage that led to loss of the tooth dictates the way an implant will be placed. Some patients may need bone graft if the bone is deficient. Some patients may need custom implant and custom crown parts. Lab costs also vary for different cases of dental implant services. Implant type, size, brand etc. are all priced differently. In some cases, a temporary fake tooth maybe needed during the healing phase.

Kind of implant solutions offered at Dentists of Chimney Heights for patients who are looking for dental implants in Surrey.

  • Immediate implant
  • Single unit implant
  • Multiple implant
  • Implant bridge
  • Implant supported dentures
What to expect when you contact us for a consultation?


  • First step is completing medical history, dental history forms.
  • Preliminary clinical exam and evaluation will be completed. It may involve x-ray or a CT scan.
  • The oral surgeon who specializes in implant placement will evaluate. You will be given an estimate for the fee.
  • You will be scheduled for implant placement.


  • The surgeon will evaluate 3 months later if the implant is ready for crown.
  • Impression of the implant will be made.
  • A new crown will be placed.

Home care for Dental Implants:

  • Floss around an implant tooth at least once a day.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Use an inter dental floss.
  • Water floss may be a good addition to the cleaning regimen.
  • If your dentist has recommended a mouth guard, do wear it regularly.
  • If you wear removable denture over the implants, remove it, clean it and the implants at least twice a day or as recommended by your dentist.
  • Lastly, maintain regular dental visits as recommended by your dentist.