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Gum Biopsy

If dentists notice abnormal gum tissue, they use gum biopsy to find the reason behind that abnormality. There can be a lot of reasons behind abnormal gum tissue. Oral cancer is one such problem that can cause unusual problems with the gum tissue. Gum biopsies can save lives by detecting problems that can be life-threatening. If a problem like gum cancer is detected in time, there are a lot of modern treatment methods available that can save a person’s life.

We, at Dentists of Chimney Heights, take our patients’ oral health very seriously, and we recommend our patients get an oral cancer screening once in a while. We also believe that everyone should know the common symptoms of gum cancer so that they can watch out for these symptoms. Following are some of the common symptoms of gum cancer. If you notice any of them, you should consult as soon as possible:

Watch out for these symptoms, and if you experience any of these or other symptoms, consult your dentist as soon as possible. It might not be gum cancer, but it is very important to not make any guesses and let the experts take a look.

How does a gum biopsy work?

Sample tissue is taken from your gums, and it is sent to the lab. The sample is then analyzed to find out the cause behind the abnormality. In the lab, they do a lot of testing to find out if the tissue is cancerous.

Local anesthesia is used while taking the sample, and you will feel some numbness in that area for some time. You will feel a little bit of pain in the area from where the sample was taken, but for that, you will get some painkillers. You will be called into the dentist’s office once the report is ready. The treatment plan would depend on the outcome of the biopsy.

Why do I need a biopsy?

There are a lot of reasons why your dentist might say that you need a biopsy. If there are symptoms that are found in people with gum cancer, it is very important to check you for oral cancer. Just keep in mind that if your dentist says you need a biopsy, it doesn’t mean that you surely have a serious problem, it just means that the dentists want to be sure about your treatment plan. A major benefit of performing a biopsy on patients with early symptoms is that the treatment can be very effective if it is started in time. In many cases, the patient does not have gum cancer, and in those cases, dentists try to find out the other causes that can cause those symptoms.

If you are already diagnosed with oral cancer, then a biopsy might be performed to determine the stage of cancer. It is very important to find out how much it has spread because the treatment also depends on the severity of the problem. If the treatment is already going on, a biopsy might be performed to find out the effectiveness of the treatment. It is important to find out the cause behind the problem, and a biopsy is a very useful tool in determining the cause of the problem. If it is found that the patient doesn’t have gum cancer, then the other problems that cause similar symptoms are looked into. It is very important to consult the best dentists in your area so that you get the best possible treatment.

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