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Emergency Dental Services in Surrey

Have a toothache, chipped tooth or swollen gums? We want to help you. Our team of emergency dentists in surrey is dedicated to aiding you in the painful event. We are open 6 days a week with extended hours to help our patients access convenient dental services. walk-ins and last minute appointments are welcomed.


Infection, teeth becoming sensitive, losing old filling, jaw pain, etc. There can be multiple reasons of pain. Contact us to schedule your urgent appointment with an emergency dentist in Surrey BC. We try to provide same day emergency appointments.

Infection and Swelling

Tooth infection is the most common cause of swelling. Gum infection, wisdom teeth infection, etc. are other causes of swelling. Large cavity in a tooth may also cause pain and swelling. We would expect patients to see their dentist regularly. This will lower the chances of such incidences. In case of swelling, do not delay seeking care. Swelling increases rapidly and it can get serious if not taken care of at the right time.

Loose crown

A crown, veneer, bridge or occasionally, old dental implants and even a space-maintainer may become loose. Surrey patients should must seek emergency care at the earliest to prevent any risk of choking hazard. Crowns, bridge etc must be re-cemented ASAP; otherwise it may not fit.

Broken Filling

Things sometime go wrong before a trip or a special event. Fillings can chip or break. Especially when it comes to front fillings and one has a meeting or social gathering. Call us to book your emergency dental appointment.