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Painless Root Canal Treatment in Surrey

Dental pulp, found in the center of each tooth, contains a nerve which extends from the tooth’s root to bring vital nutrients to the tooth. If a tooth’s pulp is injured, damaged, or infected, the nerve within the pulp will die and, unless endodontic treatment (root canal) is performed, the tooth may die as well. In many cases, root canal therapy (removal of the nerve tissue in the tooth) can save damaged teeth by preserving the tooth in the mouth. After the root canal is successfully completed on a surrey patient, restoring the tooth with a crown is usually highly recommended to preserve the tooth structure and provide strength for chewing.

Root Canal Treatment Process.

The process of treating any disease process inside the canal of the tooth is called root canal treatment.

Why would one need a root canal treatment?

PAIN, INFECTION, SWELLING, BROKEN TOOTH, SENSITIVE TOOTH are the few most common reasons to need a root canal treatment.

What to expect at the dentist?

X-rays, clinical exam, nerve tests are required to diagnose the need for root canal treatment. Usually, the initial visit will be meant to diagnose and plan the treatment.

If needed, our dentists will prescribe antibiotics and pain medication.

The dentist has to check and confirm few important points before planning an RCT:

Root Canal Treatment Cost

What to expect on the day of treatment?

The tooth will be numbed. A sheet (rubber dam) will be placed on the tooth. The dentist will perform the procedure and few x-rays may be needed during the procedure. In difficult teeth with multiple canals, an RCT in Surrey may need more than 1 hour.

At the end, dentist will give you instructions and may prescribe some medicines. Most commonly, dentist will advise to take pain medicine for few days. The RCT tooth may be sensitive to pressure, chewing and eating for few days to weeks.

Home care TIPS:
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Dental Services for Refugees

We provide dental services for refugees under Interim Federal Health Program. Our Surrey dentists are registered with Medavie Blue Cross and provide dental services for patients covered by Interim Federal Health Program.

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Healthy kids program provide basic dental treatment for children in low income families. Pacific Blue Cross is the dental insurance provider under this program. We also accept adult ministry patients.

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