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Benefits of dental implants over other tooth replacement options

At Dentists of Chimney Heights, we offer dental implant placement surgeries for a wide variety of situations.

Implant process:

It starts with a consultation. One of our doctors will listen to your concern and do a clinical exam. They will discuss any medical and dental problems affecting implant placement. They will evaluate and recommend an x-ray and a ct- scan. A digital 3D scan will be completed. This will help generate a digital 3D model of your teeth and gums.

Planning for implant:

Once the CT-scan is completed, both the digital and CT-scan are joined on a computer. A digital surgery is completed on a computer screen. This digital placement helps us decide the ideal size of the dental implant to be used in one’s mouth. It helps predict any problems that may be encountered during surgery. The benefit of digital planning is that it eliminates any guesswork. X-rays are two-dimensional and do not accurately show bone height, width, or density.

The technology that we use provides the best possible means to perform implant surgeries precisely and with greater predictability. The ultimate goal of successful dental implant surgery is No to minimal problems during and after surgery. Using the best possible size of the implant increases its life of the implants. The process that we use at our practice provides the best success rate for dental implants.

Dental Implant material:

We use Straumann Dental Implants. Straumann is the leading dental implant manufacturer. Innovation, materials, and technology they offer have been able to achieve a higher than 98.2% success rate over ten years after implant placement.

Follow-up and home care:

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Gloss at least once daily.

It is crucial to follow up regularly for dental visits and teeth cleaning.

A water flosser is an excellent tool for cleaning implants.


Dental Implants have already become one of the most common methods to replace missing teeth. The recent advancements with improved materials, equipment, technology, and technique have helped to achieve this level of success. We offer Dental Implants in Surrey, and they have the following advantages.