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Teeth Grinding and Jaw Pain Treatment

Teeth Grinding or Clenching is more common than we think it is.

Teeth Grinding or Clenching can seem like a normal habit, but it is not. It is prevalent in all age groups. People clench their teeth due to stress, anger, exercise, etc. But repeated grinding teeth with so much of power can stress out the tooth structure and its supporting tissues, muscles and jaw joint. This habit can result in serious consequences.

Teeth Grinding can be a result of stress or anxiety. Since after the pandemic in 2020, dentists have noticed a significant increase in patients reporting with fractured teeth. Several reports have been published in the year 2020 and 2021. Because of the circumstances and change in the lifestyle, it was stressful for many people to cope with this situation leading to anxiety and stress. As mentioned previously, clenching is a response of the body to anxiety, stress and anger.

Headaches, jaw ache, pain in teeth, tired jaw and cheek muscles when one wakes up hints toward this problem. Nocturnal bruxism is a term used for teeth grinding at night. Spouses usually can hear their partner grinding at night.

Treatment Options

It is a two-prong treatment approach.

Directed towards dealing with stress and anxiety

  • Relaxation activities.
  • Learning techniques to deal with stress.
  • Training one’s mind to stop clenching during the day or during workout.

Directed towards preventing damage to the teeth and other structures

Mouth Guard

Mouth guard is a thin sheet that one wears on top of their teeth. Its usually made up of acrylic or thermoplastic material. It acts as a cushion between the top and bottom teeth. It is a very effective tool to prevent damage to teeth, fillings.

Initially, it is difficult to getting used to wearing a guard. Practice, patience and perseverance is the key in getting accustomed to wearing it. Headaches, muscles aches, tiredness, random pain in different teeth, sensitivity in teeth can be relieved with a mouth guard.

Custom Mouth Guard:

For example, one shoe doesn’t fit all. One type of mouth guard cannot fit all. Therefore, custom mouth guards are the best. A precise scan of one’s teeth is completed in our dental office and the lab fabricates a well-fitting mouth guard. The dentist determines what material of the mouth guard can prevent future problems. It can be a softer material or a rigid one depending upon individual needs.

TIPS for people struggling with Teeth Grinding and Clenching:

  • Try to keep a space between top and bottom teeth. At rest, there is about 2-4mm of gap.
  • Avoid clenching during lifting weights or work.
  • Massage cheek muscles 5-10 minutes twice a day.
  • Avoid chewy food.
  • Avoid chewing gums.
  • Be mindful/aware of what may cause one to clench.
  • Add relaxation activities.
  • Wear mouth guard as recommended by the dentist.
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