Navpreeet was born and raised in India. She was attending dental school when her family immigrated to Canada.  After her family immigrated, she was faced with a decision between staying with her family in Canada or continuing her dental education in India. She did not want to give up on her education. Throughout this process, she strengthened her dedication in dentistry and realized that dentistry is where her passion truly lies in. She went back to India by herself to finish her Dental education at SGRD in 2011.

Navpreet united with her family in Canada after completing her dental degree. She advanced her dentistry education in Canada and obtained her DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree in 2016.

Navpreet joined Dentists of Chimney Heights in 2016. She enjoys providing dental care for all ages. She values preventive treatments in her practices with an emphasis on educational and preventive procedures. She sees each patient visit as a opportunity to promote healthy oral habits and routines to improve her patients' understanding of their own teeth and dental health. By targeting potentially risky behaviors and conditions, she helps her patients prevent future problems and to achieve healthier, fresher and brighter smile.

Outside of her professional practices, Navpreet enjoys hiking and watching movies during her free time. She lives with her husband in Surrey.