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Sinus Augmentation

A sinus augmentation is a surgical procedure that might be recommended to some patients before placing a dental implant in their upper jaw. A sinus augmentation is also known as a sinus lift, and it is performed to add more bone tissue to the upper jaw before placing a dental implant. It increases the success rate of a dental implant by providing more bone tissue.


During this procedure, the sinus membrane is lifted and the empty space is filled with bone graft. After this procedure is completed, the healing process begins. The time taken for healing varies from person to person according to their case. Sinus augmentation increases the success rate of upper jaw dental implants. The process can be a little bit painful because of the stitches, but the prescribed medicines will relieve the pain.

Reasons behind bone loss in the upper jaw

Sinus augmentation is needed when three isn’t enough bone in the upper jaw to support a dental implant. Following are some common reasons why a patient might experience bone loss in the jaw:

Tooth extraction – It is very common to experience bone loss after tooth extraction from the upper jaw. There is a higher chance of bone loss if you wait too long after the extraction. If you get a dental implant soon after the extraction, you might not experience bone loss. Dental implants are placed in the jaw bone, and they prevent the bone from getting reabsorbed. This is why most dentists recommend that you do not leave the gaps in your teeth for a very long time.

Gum disease – Gum disease affects both the upper as well as the lower jaw. If you don’t start treatment for gum disease, it will reach an advanced stage, and at that stage, it can also damage the jawbone. Harmful bacteria get trapped in the gum pockets, and the teeth and gums start getting damaged. Gingivitis needs to be treated at an early stage to make sure that it doesn’t reach an advanced stage.

Natural causes – If your sinuses are too close to the upper jaw, you need sinus augmentation before getting a dental implant. Bone reabsorption is also a natural cause but it occurs after the extraction If there is a long gap after the extraction, the bone starts getting reabsorbed. These natural causes are not under our control and there is nothing we can do to prevent these. However, before getting a dental implant, we can improve its chances of success with the help of sinus augmentation.

The benefit of sinus augmentation

Your dentist or periodontist will let you know if you need sinus augmentation before getting a dental implant. If your sinus membrane is too low, and you don’t have enough bone tissue to support an implant, then it means that you cannot get a dental implant without sinus augmentation. So, the most important purpose of sinus augmentation is to provide a solid structure for the dental implant.

Sinus augmentation also enables a mouth to function properly. Sinus augmentation allows dental implant placement which means that it also enables a person to chew properly. It also improves the appearance of a person’s smile because when the entire process of placing the dental implant and lifting the sinus is complete, then the cosmetic improvement would also be clearly visible.

Bone loss is a continuous process, but with the help of sinus augmentation, further bone loss can be prevented. So, apart from supporting the dental implant, sinus augmentation has many other benefits as well. If you have missing teeth, and you want to get dental implants, schedule your appointment today. Our team of expert dentists and periodontists can help you with dental implants as well as sinus augmentation.

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