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Kids Dental Clinic in Surrey

We Love to work with children.

Canadian Dental association recommends that a child should be see a dentist by the age of 1 year old or within 6 months of first baby tooth eruption. It is important for first time parents to take their child to a dentist within 6 months of first baby tooth eruption to learn

First visit of the child to dentist

Children copy their parents. Parents are like super heroes for their children. Children can accompany parents for the parent’s appointment. This will help them familiarise to an entirely different environment of a dental practice. Our staff is very well trained to help children see our office and check different sounds and things. We love to give out toys when they come in. This practice encourages children to have their teeth looked at and get prize or gifts from our office.

First dental appointment for children involves complete oral examination, polishing, diagnosis, treatment planning and oral hygiene instructions for the parents. Children can sit in their parents lap to feel comfortable or some children enjoy sitting in our dental chairs.

Kids Dental Services for Children

Examination & Teeth Cleaning

Children must see visit their dentist every 6 months to have an examination and teeth cleaning. Dental Hygienist will clean the teeth, apply fluoride and discuss home care practices to improve brushing and flossing technique. It is imperative to follow dentist’s recommendation on the frequency of follow-up exams and teeth cleaning. It can prevent cavities and gum disease.

Fissure Sealants

Molar teeth have small grooves that run through the top layer. These grooves are sometime deep and narrow. Even toothbrush bristles have difficulty to reach those narrow spaces. Fissure sealants block hose narrow spaces and reduce the chance of cavities. Adult molar teeth are cleaned and fissure sealants are applied. This is completely pain free and a fast procedure.

Space Maintainer

Occasionally, it is inevitable to save a baby tooth because of tooth infection, abscess or decay. If a child loses a baby tooth early than the correct time of baby tooth exfoliation, it becomes important to save that space for proper and normal eruption of adult teeth. It may take few years before eruption of adult teeth in that space. If not protected, teeth will start moving forward and results in no-eruption or ectopic eruption or even blockage of eruption of the adult teeth. Space maintainer is a very effective tool in kids dentistry to prevent loss of space.

Dental Fillings

Teeth are numbed, cavity is removed and a white filling is placed by dentists. It needs cooperation from children to perform this procedure quickly.

Need for Braces

Regular dental visits to the child dentist can help the dentist detect the need for braces at an early age. Several steps can be taken to prevent problems of teeth misalignment. For example, Arch expanders can help make a better shape of the jaw if done at the right time.


It is a mineral found in water. Fluoride makes teeth resistant to decay. It can reverse the cavities which are small. It has been proved to be very effective key mineral in prevention of cavities.

Insurance & Direct Billing

We accept all Insurance plans, and do direct billing to insurance companies. Our clients do not pay upfront for their insurance covered services. We verify their eligibility and bill insurance directly.

Dental Services for Refugees

We provide dental services for refugees under Interim Federal Health Program. Our Surrey dentists are registered with Medavie Blue Cross and provide dental services for patients covered by Interim Federal Health Program.

Healthy kids program

Healthy kids program provide basic dental treatment for children in low income families. Pacific Blue Cross is the dental insurance provider under this program. We also accept adult ministry patients.

Accepts Debit/Credit Cards

At our dental clinic we accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards, American Express, and Cash.