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What Causes Teeth Stains?

What Causes Teeth Stains?

Teeth Stains, also commonly referred to as Teeth Discoloration, is caused by substances sticking onto the surface of your tooth or gathering within and contaminating the enamel of your tooth.

Types of Teeth Stains

The two main types of teeth stains are intrinsic teeth stains and extrinsic teeth stains.

Intrinsic teeth stains: Discoloration of the teeth which occurs when particles which stain the teeth invade and collect within the enamel of the tooth. The tooth is stained internally, and often appear in shades of yellow, pink, or red.

Extrinsic teeth stains: Discoloration of the teeth which occurs when particles stain the tooth surface, particularly when the particles build-up within the small dents, crevices, and cracks on the surface of the tooth. This type of stain often appears in shades of brown, black and grey colors, although they can also appear in other shades as well.

What Causes Teeth to Stain?

There are many ways in which your teeth can be stained:

How can I Treat Teeth Stains?

You can look for whitening or teeth stain removal products on the market. Teeth restorations can be done to conceal teeth stains, especially teeth stains due to tooth decay. Speak to your dentist to figure out what options are best for you.

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