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How to make sure Invisalign delivers the best results

Invisalign is a highly effective way of straightening teeth . It is a quick and effective treatment method that doesn’t require you to make big lifestyle changes. But no treatment method is perfect without a little bit of effort from the patient. Invisalign also requires you to follow a few simple steps to make sure that your treatment process is quick and effective. Here are a few tips for you if you want your Invisalign experience to be smooth and easy:

22 hours a day

You have to make sure you are wearing your Invisalign aligners for more than 22 hours every day. The only time you can take them off is for eating or brushing. You will also have to wear them while sleeping. If you want your treatment process to go smooth, give your aligners the time they need to move your teeth in the right place.

Aligners maintain consistent pressure on your teeth throughout the day to straighten them. If you wear them for any less than 22 hours a day, you will not see great results.

Cleaning your teeth after meals

After every meal, make sure you clean your teeth properly before putting your aligners back in. This may seem like a tedious task in the beginning, but soon you will get used to it. You should keep your dental hygiene kit with you wherever you go so that you don’t miss this step.

It is important to get rid of the bacteria on your teeth before putting on your aligners. In a situation where brushing is not possible, rinse your mouth properly with a mouthwash.

Taking care of your aligners

Taking good care of your aligners is also an important part of the treatment process. Make sure that you soak and clean your aligners every day. But do not use hot water; instead, use normal or lukewarm water to clean your aligners. In this entire process, you will have to maintain good oral hygiene, and cleaning your aligners is an important part of good oral hygiene.

Every time you put your aligners back in your mouth, it is a good idea to clean them. Also, remember to store them properly when they are not in use. Make sure you store them in a place where they don’t get damaged.


The most important thing required from you in this whole process is discipline. Invisalign is amazing, but you have to make sure that you make it a part of your life. You have to wear your clear aligners at least 22 hours a day to make sure that it is effective. When you take out your aligners for brushing or eating, make sure that you put them back on without wasting any time.

The discipline isn’t just limited to wearing the aligners; frequent cleaning of your aligners should also become a part of your routine. The freedom you get with Invisalign is very useful, but it also means that you have to keep your habits in check.

A regular visit to the dentist

Visiting the dentist for regular check-ups is also an important part of the Invisalign treatment. Your dentist will most likely schedule appointments every four to six weeks. Your dentist will check your progress and make sure the process is going smoothly.

These visits to the dentist are usually very short, and you don’t have to sit in the dentist’s chair for too long. Your dentist will advise you about how to progress further and what you can do to make sure that the treatment completes at the right time.

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