Dentures consists of a gum-like base made of plastic resin and prosthetic teeth projecting from the base. It fits over your remaining bone ridges by suctioning effect caused by the close fit. At first, you might need some time adjusting to wearing denture as your muscles, nerves and ligaments adjust to this new denture. Overtime, talking and eating functions will occur normally. Dentures can also help support the structure of the lips and face, providing a natural looking facial structure.

Complete Denture

Complete Dentures:

Complete Dentures are crafted to look and function like your natural teeth. They are often referred to as “false teeth” or “full dentures”. They can be used to replace all your natural teeth. They take some time to make but they fit well and are long lasting. They are removable as they are fit to your gums by suctioning.

After your dentist takes measurements to make conventional measurements of your jaws for the denture, he makes an immediate denture. After your natural teeth are extracted, the immediate denture are inserted to make sure you have teeth during the healing period which can take up to six months. After your gums and jaw tissue are healed, The customize made conventional dentures can be inserted.

Removable Partial Dentures:

Removable Partial Dentures are usually made of cast vitallium, which are metal based dentures that weight much less than the plastic ones. They are a good choice for someone whose nearby teeth are not strong enough to hold a bridge, or when more than a few teeth are missing. They fit better than plastic ones as they are less obtrusive. They are generally much more affordable than implants or bridge.

Caring for Your Denture

Both complete and partial dentures are removable and needs to be taken out for cleaning. They need to be cleaned everyday just like natural teeth to prevent plaque and bacteria built up. You need to remove the denture and run them under water. Then brush denture with denture cleaner your doctor recommended to you. Rinse your denture before putting it back in your mouth.

If you wear partial dentures, be sure to brush and your natural teeth.

Remove and soak your dentures overnight to let your mouth rest. Avoid hot water.